The Golden Birdcage

The Golden Birdcage is a stunning event centerpiece for exquisite aerial hoop performances. Decorated with beautifully intricate filigrees and standing at over four meters high, the Birdcage is an incredibly impressive focal point in even the largest of spaces. The Birdcage transforms any room into a decadent and magical environment.

Beautiful aerial starlets perform breathtaking routines whilst rotating in the cage and wowing guests from every angle. Each bird cage performer is a highly skilled, 'in  demand' artist in her own right.

This clever prop creates a completely self contained aerial performance space because  the artists are suspended from rigging within it. This makes the Birdcage perfect for events which want aerial but do not have rigging within the venue.

The magnificent giant cage is available to hire for all manner of occasions such as private parties, weddings, corporate entertainment, launches and film. Find out how it all works here, or contact us today to inquire about a booking or prices.

About Us


We are based in the of “Circus City” Bristol. Bristol has more circus artists than anywhere else in the UK, which means that the artists who go to your event will be some of the very best that money can buy.